Stockhausen Scores

ADDENDUM TIERKREIS for chamber orchestra

Stockhausen Complete Edition on CD

Since 1991, a complete edition of all recordings in which Karlheinz Stockhausen has personally participated is being released on compact discs. Each CD in this series is identified by Stockhausen's signature followed by an encircled number. The numbers indicate the general historical order of the works.
Stockhausen realised the electronic music and participated in these recordings as conductor, performer, sound projectionist, and musical director. He personally mixed down the recordings, mastered them for CDs, wrote the texts and drew the covers.

  • The compact discs may be obtained from the Stockhausen-Verlag: Kettenberg 15, 51515 Kuerten, Germany (www.stockhausenCDs.com).

Karlheinz Stockhausen

TIERKREIS for chamber orchestra

Periods of silence (with no movement) should be inserted beween the 12 ZODIAC groups:

1 following AQUARIUS 6 sec.,
2 following PISCES 9 sec.,
3 following ARIES 6 sec.,
4 following TAURUS 11 sec.,
5 following GEMINI 8 sec.,
6 following CANCER 8 sec.,
7 following LEO 11 sec.,
8 following VIRGO 7 sec.,
9 following LIBRA 7 sec.,
10 following SCORPIO 5 sec.,
11 following SAGITTARIUS 10 sec.,
12 following CAPRICORN ad lib.