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Stockhausen Complete Edition on CD

Since 1991, a complete edition of all recordings in which Karlheinz Stockhausen has personally participated is being released on compact discs. Each CD in this series is identified by Stockhausen's signature followed by an encircled number. The numbers indicate the general historical order of the works.
Stockhausen realised the electronic music and participated in these recordings as conductor, performer, sound projectionist, and musical director. He personally mixed down the recordings, mastered them for CDs, wrote the texts and drew the covers.

  • The compact discs may be obtained from the Stockhausen-Verlag: Kettenberg 15, 51515 Kuerten, Germany (www.stockhausenCDs.com).

Karlheinz Stockhausen
PUNKTE (POINTS) for Orchestra

Performances of PUNKTE have proven that the following instruments must be amplified:

1)  the two harps with 2 microphones each: one placed low and one high next to the strings;

2)  the two pianos (without lids!) with 2 microphones each: one placed over the highest octave, and the other one next to it pointed diagonally towards the lower strings and aimed at C1

3)  the 4 double-basses with one microphone each.

4)  The conductor and sound projectionist should be able to communicate with the orchestra and with each other via 2 transmitters. For this they also need 2 monitor loudspeakers on the stage and one at the mixing console.

In the middle of the hall, a sound projectionist at a small mixer (14 ⟶ 2) controls the dynamic balance between these instruments and the orchestra, as well as the dynamic level of the transmitters.

For the amplification, 2 x 2 loudspeakers are suspended about 4 m high at the left and right sides of the orchestra:

The amplification of the instruments mentioned is also necessary during the rehearsals.